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Residential Ducted Installations - Sydney Ducted AC Installation Return Air Grill

Where Can You Install Ducted Air Conditioners

Where Can You Install Ducted Air Conditioners? Ducted air conditioners are a premium solution, as they are concealed from sight in the ceiling void – the space between the roof of your home and your gyprock ceiling.

Residential Ducted Installations

Since most residential homes and duplexes have ceiling voids, this is the most common place for us to install ducted air conditioning. However, if you don’t have a ceiling void, we can offer an alternative solution.

Nevertheless, having a ceiling void is an essential requirement for considering ducted air conditioning.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Northern Beaches Sydney

Ducted Installations Limitations

Although the most common, it is not always possible to install ducted air conditioning in all residential homes. Limitations may arise when dealing with raked ceilings, high ceilings, or flat roofs. Raked ceilings and flat roofs leave no ceiling voids, whereas high ceilings have limited space, but not enough for ducted air conditioning.

In such cases, a retro fit ducted air conditioning is not feasible. Instead we suggest an alternate solution, such as a multi head split system installation or a bulkhead air conditioning installation.

Ultimately, no matter the home layout or challenges presented, we strive to find a air conditioning solution that meets your needs.

As an example, a customer who inquired about a ducted installation eventually settled on a multi bulkhead split system installation after our free site visit. This suggestion achieved the desired result for the client – they got something that was concealed out of sight and the multiple units cooled their whole home.

In essence, we look beyond traditional solutions and think outside the box!

Sydney Split System Installation in a home that had Raked Ceilings

Residential Ducted Outdoor Unit Position

When it comes to the outdoor unit position, there are three options:

  • Ground level.
  • Overhead on brackets.
  • Up on the roof out of sight.

Of those, we would recommend ground level as it is usually the most affordable, safest, and creates the least amount of noise. Additionally the ducted outdoor units are governed by their size and weight and cannot simply be thrown up anywhere like split system installation.

We also take other factors into consideration, such as:

  • Making sure the unit is out of sight.
  • Low impact on access or space list.
  • Out of the weather as much as possible.
  • The type of home construction (brick veneer, double brick, or weatherboard).
  • The safety of the installers.

We strive to provide you with options that suit both your preferences and your budget. However, there can sometimes be limitations. To illustrate this, here are a few examples of ducted outdoor positions.

Northern Beaches Ducted Installation with Outdoor Unit Installed At Ground Level
Installed At Ground Level ($)
Ducted Air Con Installation Northern Beaches - Outdoor Unit Installed Above Head Height On Brackets
Overhead On Brackets ($$)
Ducted Outdoor Unit Installed on Roof Out Of Sight
On Roof Out Of Sight ($$$)

New Builds & Renovations

When it comes to new builds and renovations, the most important factor is getting us the plans as soon as possible.

To ensure a smooth installation, we proactively work together with builders and other trades, like carpenters, to plan out the installation in advance. We also communicate the necessary allowances to avoid costly rework and to help you achieve your desired outcome

There is no such thing as being too early so if you’re embarking on a new build or a renovation, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Ducted Air Con Installation Northern Beaches and Sydney Wide
New Build External View
Ducted AC Installation Sydney - Internal Unit Positioned In Ceiling Cavity In Advance
New Build Internal View


Apartments & Unit Complex Installation Requirements & Limitations

Although ducted air conditioning installations in apartments are uncommon, they can be a great solution, as they don’t take up wall space and maintain openness in an already small space.

They are rare because usually, only the top floor has a ceiling void. If you live on lower levels, a concrete slab separates you and the floor above leaving insufficient space to create a void.

Clients often think that they have a ceiling void because they have down lights installed in their ceiling; however, what they are actually seeing is a dropped ceiling for a modern finish, albeit one that creates a small void between the slab and the ceiling.

If you happen to live on the top floor, the quickest way to ascertain if you have a ceiling void is to look around for a manhole, which may be located outside your front door in the hallway. Therefore, if you find one, ducted air conditioning may be an option for you.

Alternatively, a more common solution for apartments is multi split system air conditioning installations.

Strata Compliance

When it comes to complying with strata regulations, we are well-acquainted with the process. Moreover, although each strata committee may have its own unique process, generally they request to know the same information: what will the installation look like; what impact will it have on neighbours; and whether it can be discreetly blended in.

Upon completion of the required forms and providing the Strata committee with a detailed explanation of the ducted installation, we typically receive approval to proceed.

Strata AC Installation – Five Star Google Review with Strata Approval
Mitsubishi 7.1kW Split System Air Conditioning Installation with Strata Approval and Outddor Light Installation for BBQ Area Five Star Google Review

What Our Customers Are Saying

Over 30 years of experience serving customers Sydney wide
  • Bethany Sullivan

    Star Rating from Bethany Sullivan
    16 May, 2024
    Very happy with the great work from the whole team at Ready Electrical! My split system was in desperate need of a clean and Greg was able to send a team out to my place the very next day. The guys did a fantastic job making my aircon look and function as if it was brand new, and they were also so thorough at keeping the space clean with lots of drop sheets / tarps. Thank you for the great work...
  • Rob P

    Star Rating from Rob P
    8 May, 2024
    Clearly, they have 5-star reviews for a reason. This is an excellent company to deal with, from the booking, quotation and installation it was a pleasure to deal with Ready Electrical.The install team were on time, well presented, knowledgeable and courteous, Xavier, Rob, Marcel, Daniel, Clayden and Chris are consummate professionals, attention to detail and clean up were flawless.
  • Matt

    Star Rating from Matt
    1 May, 2024
    Greg & all his team provided us with an excellent service to install a new ducted aircon system a couple of weeks ago. There was great communication throughout the quoting process and the install was seamless with the team leaving the house very tidy. We needed a slight tweak to the system after using it for a few days and it was sorted out straight away with great efficiency. Highly recommended.
  • Beau Crellin

    Star Rating from Beau Crellin
    17 April, 2024
    I could not fault Ready Electrical and Air Conditioning. I have neglected my split system for over three years and yesterday it started leaking. Found Ready on Google this morning and from the first phone call, the job was completed in around three hours. Technician was friendly, clean, and he took the time to show me how to clean it every three months - not years. I would use them again.
  • Victor De Sousa

    Star Rating from Victor De Sousa
    3 April, 2024
    Very easy to deal with and knowledgeable. Friendly technicians that arrive on time. Also good communication from office team. Highly recommended local team.
  • Peter Scrivener

    Star Rating from Peter Scrivener
    28 March, 2024
    Very responsive on quotations, very quick to do the installation, installation done professionally and in one go, results perfect! Couldn't ask for more.
  • Debby Egger

    Star Rating from Debby Egger
    23 March, 2024
    The Ready Electrical and Air Conditioning team are first class. From quoting to installation, trouble shooting, customer service and professionalism they were excellent all the way! Highly recommend.