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Air Conditioning Repairs

We are authorised air conditioning repairers of leading brands, including Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Actron Air and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioning Repairs are conducted by experienced and licensed technicians who can repair all types of AC units including split systems, bulkhead & ducted systems, evaporative coolers & commercial installations.

We start with a preliminary over-the-phone analysis to provide you with a fixed, upfront quote for a comprehensive diagnosis and air conditioning repair. We will ask for the type of air conditioning system – ducted or split system – along with the brand and model. You can easily find this identification data on the badge located on the front or side of the outdoor unit. If you have a split system, it is sometimes found at the bottom or side of the indoor unit.

Every air conditioning repair we perform is backed by 30+ years of experience, quality workmanship and great customer service. Plus, we have hundreds of five-star Google reviews. To get started, simply give us a call on on 1300 1 READY or by filling out the enquiry form at the top of this page

Symptoms You Might Be Experiencing

Indicators You Need An Air Conditioning Repair

Are you experiencing any of these three common symptoms? If so, you may need an air conditioning repair service call. These include:

  • Not producing hot or cold air,
  • Only recirculating air, and/or
  • A communication fault between the controller and unit.

In addition, there are a variety of other possible causes for an air conditioner running at a lower capacity or not producing hot/cold air, such as a blockage or a blown PC board needing to be replaced. Rest assured, one of our knowledgeable technicians can easily diagnose and fix any problem you might be having.

Northern Beaches Ducted Air Conditioning Repair found a Blown PC Board on the Outdoor Unit

How The Air Conditioning Repair Process Works

Step 1: Preliminary Analysis & Discovery Call

When it comes to air conditioning repairs, we understand that it’s usually an urgent request. That’s why we leave gaps in our schedules to fit you in as quickly as possible without having you wait for weeks on end for a diagnosis. Living in comfort is something you deserve, so we take these calls seriously and treat them with a sense of urgency.

We don’t diagnose over the phone—it’s simply not possible.

We caution you against receiving a diagnosis over the phone from other air conditioning repairers. Rather, we will conduct a preliminary analysis over the phone to determine the best course of action and make recommendations. For example, if your unit is too old to be worth repairing, we’ll tell you upfront and give you a free quote. Alternatively, if your unit is still under warranty, we might suggest that you contact the manufacturer to make a warranty claim and possibly get your air conditioner repaired free of charge.

At Ready, our customers come first. With that in mind, we always strive to provide the best possible solution for you.

Step 2: Booking your Repair Service Call

After our initial discussions and when it’s been determined that a service call is the ideal solution, we will book you in. We will let you know the booking time and then send you an email containing an upfront, all-inclusive quote.

Step 3: Carrying out the Repair Service Call

Our licensed technicians will send you a reminder as well as a text message when they are on their way.

A repair service call starts with a comprehensive analysis of the air conditioner to determine the cause of the breakdown. To begin, we shut off power to the air conditioner and do a master reset. We then reboot the air conditioner in an effort to recreate the fault you’re experiencing. We make sure that the controller is communicating to the indoor, and that the outdoor is responding and functioning correctly.

Once we have re-created the symptom, we dive deeper by opening up the outdoor unit to conduct a full diagnosis of pipe connections, potential gas leaks, electrical faults, and identify any broken parts.

In an ideal situation, we hope to diagnose and repair your air conditioner in one visit. However, if parts need to be replaced and we don’t have them in stock, we will order them and return to install them.

Sydney Split System Air Conditioning on the Outdoor Unit

Step 4: Split System Replacement Parts Process

In the event that replacement parts are required, we will provide you with a second quote for parts and installation. Once you accept the quote, we will order the parts and book you in for a site visit within 48 hours of receiving delivery. We will then return to install the replacement parts, ensuring that your air conditioner is completely repaired and functioning properly.

Risks Associated with Air Conditioning Repairs

Cautions We Raise with Our Customers

We believe in being upfront and transparent with our customers, which is why we always inform them of the risks associated with air conditioning repairs. Air conditioners can be very temperamental, and while repairs often work out, they are not guaranteed. Additionally, you may find that fixing one fault leads to another arising or fixing one part could cause another to malfunction. What’s more, you could end up spending more money on a faulty unit as repairs cannot guarantee that further faults will not occur. We share our experience and knowledge to help our customers make the most informed decision about what is best for them and their circumstances.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Over 30 years of experience serving customers Sydney wide
  • Rob P

    Star Rating from Rob P
    8 May, 2024
    Clearly, they have 5-star reviews for a reason. This is an excellent company to deal with, from the booking, quotation and installation it was a pleasure to deal with Ready Electrical.The install team were on time, well presented, knowledgeable and courteous, Xavier, Rob, Marcel, Daniel, Clayden and Chris are consummate professionals, attention to detail and clean up were flawless.
  • Matt

    Star Rating from Matt
    1 May, 2024
    Greg & all his team provided us with an excellent service to install a new ducted aircon system a couple of weeks ago. There was great communication throughout the quoting process and the install was seamless with the team leaving the house very tidy. We needed a slight tweak to the system after using it for a few days and it was sorted out straight away with great efficiency. Highly recommended.
  • Beau Crellin

    Star Rating from Beau Crellin
    17 April, 2024
    I could not fault Ready Electrical and Air Conditioning. I have neglected my split system for over three years and yesterday it started leaking. Found Ready on Google this morning and from the first phone call, the job was completed in around three hours. Technician was friendly, clean, and he took the time to show me how to clean it every three months - not years. I would use them again.
  • Victor De Sousa

    Star Rating from Victor De Sousa
    3 April, 2024
    Very easy to deal with and knowledgeable. Friendly technicians that arrive on time. Also good communication from office team. Highly recommended local team.
  • Peter Scrivener

    Star Rating from Peter Scrivener
    28 March, 2024
    Very responsive on quotations, very quick to do the installation, installation done professionally and in one go, results perfect! Couldn't ask for more.
  • Debby Egger

    Star Rating from Debby Egger
    23 March, 2024
    The Ready Electrical and Air Conditioning team are first class. From quoting to installation, trouble shooting, customer service and professionalism they were excellent all the way! Highly recommend.
  • Nat Norsa

    Star Rating from Nat Norsa
    18 March, 2024
    Greg from Ready Electrical is amazing! He was on time as promised and the team did an amazing job. They cleaned up the job site to perfection and were professional, polite and had great communication. I would highly recommend Ready Electrical to anyone wanting top quality work around Sydney at a very competitive price. The Air conditioning system he suggested has worked faultlessly all summer....

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