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Multi Head Split System Installation Northern Beaches

Pro’s & Con’s of a Multi Head AC Installation

There are many great reasons to consider a multi head AC installation.

The major advantages of using a multi split AC to heat and cool your home are:

1. Flexibility and Convenience
A multi-head split system air conditioner allows you to have different air conditioners in each room that are all powered by one outdoor unit. This means you can choose a bigger unit for bigger rooms, and a smaller one for bedrooms, so everyone stays comfortable. Having different head unit combinations to choose from is also advantageous.

2. Individual Temperature Control for Each Room
Multi-split systems allow you to control the temperature in each room of your home separately, so you can save money on your electricity bill by only cooling the rooms you need.

3. Keep Exterior Clutter-Free and Space Savings
Multi-head AC systems are a great option for homes and apartments that need air conditioning. They require just one outdoor unit to power multiple indoor air conditioning units, saving space and keeping the exterior of the home looking neat. They are also great for apartments, as one outdoor unit on the balcony can provide cooling for all the rooms.

4. Quiet
Multi head AC units are a great choice for bedrooms because they are quiet and you can choose smaller hate units, which will ensure you get a peaceful nights sleep.

5. Energy Efficiency
Multi-AC head units allow you to individually heat or cool different rooms in your home, while saving energy and reducing running costs. Each unit has a thermostat that will adjust the air conditioners output based off the room temperature. It will ramp down when the desired temperature is reached and ramp up to maintain temperature, which will help save energy.

6. Affordable
Air conditioners are a great way to cool your home. They are usually cheaper than ducted systems to purchase and install, and have affordable maintenance, service, repairs, and replacement head units.

Some of the disadvantages of using a multi split AC are:

1. Placement Restrictions
Multi-head units need to be placed on an external wall so that interconnecting piping services can run on the exterior of the building. When this is not possible, internal trunking must be used, which is not as visually pleasing.

2. Floor Plan and Interconnecting Service Challenges
For rooms on the other side of the house from the outdoor unit, the services need to go all the way around the exterior of the house, go through the house in internal trunking, or go up and over through a ceiling cavity, adding complexity and costs to the installation.

3. Noise
For complex installations, such as an up-and-over, a wastewater pump may be required, creating additional noise and costs for the installation.

4. Larger Outdoor Units
The outdoor units are larger than a single split system and unsightly. However, often the placement of the outdoor unit is determined by the design of your home, leaving you with few options.

5. Domino Effect
If one part of the outdoor unit isn’t working, it will affect all the other parts too.

6. Energy Consumption
A multi split air conditioner uses more energy than a single-split system, so it is important to get the correct size for each room in order to save energy.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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  • Bethany Sullivan

    Star Rating from Bethany Sullivan
    16 May, 2024
    Very happy with the great work from the whole team at Ready Electrical! My split system was in desperate need of a clean and Greg was able to send a team out to my place the very next day. The guys did a fantastic job making my aircon look and function as if it was brand new, and they were also so thorough at keeping the space clean with lots of drop sheets / tarps. Thank you for the great work...
  • Rob P

    Star Rating from Rob P
    8 May, 2024
    Clearly, they have 5-star reviews for a reason. This is an excellent company to deal with, from the booking, quotation and installation it was a pleasure to deal with Ready Electrical.The install team were on time, well presented, knowledgeable and courteous, Xavier, Rob, Marcel, Daniel, Clayden and Chris are consummate professionals, attention to detail and clean up were flawless.
  • Matt

    Star Rating from Matt
    1 May, 2024
    Greg & all his team provided us with an excellent service to install a new ducted aircon system a couple of weeks ago. There was great communication throughout the quoting process and the install was seamless with the team leaving the house very tidy. We needed a slight tweak to the system after using it for a few days and it was sorted out straight away with great efficiency. Highly recommended.
  • Beau Crellin

    Star Rating from Beau Crellin
    17 April, 2024
    I could not fault Ready Electrical and Air Conditioning. I have neglected my split system for over three years and yesterday it started leaking. Found Ready on Google this morning and from the first phone call, the job was completed in around three hours. Technician was friendly, clean, and he took the time to show me how to clean it every three months - not years. I would use them again.
  • Victor De Sousa

    Star Rating from Victor De Sousa
    3 April, 2024
    Very easy to deal with and knowledgeable. Friendly technicians that arrive on time. Also good communication from office team. Highly recommended local team.
  • Peter Scrivener

    Star Rating from Peter Scrivener
    28 March, 2024
    Very responsive on quotations, very quick to do the installation, installation done professionally and in one go, results perfect! Couldn't ask for more.
  • Debby Egger

    Star Rating from Debby Egger
    23 March, 2024
    The Ready Electrical and Air Conditioning team are first class. From quoting to installation, trouble shooting, customer service and professionalism they were excellent all the way! Highly recommend.